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    Chocolatiers & Pastries

    This is a recent interview at LIC conducted by Prof. Duchamp

    The First Location

    This is an interview at Williamsburg conducted by friend and colleague Prof. Damien Duchamp of Hospitalented.com

  • TO EAT

    You can have all of the usual suspects, plus some fun variations...

    The LOX Bagel

    smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, red onion & capers

    Avocado TRIP

    avocado, cherry tomatoes, sriracha, feta cheese, scrambled egg on croissant

    Nutella CROISSANT

    nutella on croissant, nutella in croissant, and then more nutella... and walnuts

    Breakfast PLATE

    scrambled eggs, mixed greens, tomatoes, avocado & side of bread

    ChocChunk COOKIE

    freshly baked throughout the day right off the pan


    Like it cold or hot? We'll even make it lukewarm...

    Iced MOCHA

    dark or white over ice, choice of soy, almond, hemp or coconut

    Matcha LATTE

    hot cup of unique matcha blend with milk foam edge

    Cold BREW

    unique blend ground and brewed for your pleasure

    Flat WHITE

    an extra shot of espresso over your choice of milk 

    Hot COCOA

    real chocolate chunks blended in steamy milk

  • Locations

    2-10 50th Avenue, Long Island City
    Open Monday-Friday 7am to 8pm
    Saturday & Sunday 7:30am to 8pm

    subway @ Vernon Blvd - Jackson Ave 7

    (718) 433-9189

    595 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg Brooklyn
    Open Monday-Friday 7am to 7pm
    Saturday & Sunday 8am to 7pm

    subway @ Lorimer L & Metropolitan G

    (718) 782-0060

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